Illustration of Student presenting chart of her skills to seated potential employer

Calling all law firms and attorneys!

As we all know, we are in some of the most trying times any of us have experienced in our professional and perhaps personal lives. Now is the time to stick together and help each other get through this global pandemic however we can.

Law Student Connect wants to help you find the best candidates for your internships, clerkships, and open positions, whether they be remote only, limited on-site, or for placement next year. We are here to help both firms and students continue to push forward together and have a plan for what may seem like an uncertain future.

We are accepting any and all of your job posts for free placement on Law Student Connect as well as free publication in our marketing efforts via social media and email. We hope you can take advantage of this promotion by filling out the form below so we can get in touch to gather the details of your open positions.

When we face unexpected challenges, we need to remember that we can rely on one another to see it through. Let’s start rebuilding now and create plans we can look forward to when we conquer this temporary pandemic.

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