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Law Student Connect helps legal employers find better candidates through project-based reviews, access to a more diverse range of law students, and AI-driven recommendations.
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Legal employers have been forced to make hiring decisions on insufficient data. Class rank and thoroughly edited resumes and writing samples are poor measures of whether a new associate will be successful in your organization. But now, Law Student Connect gives employers a better way to predict practice success by measuring skills, performance, and personality.

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Hard Skills

Until now, your only measure of talent was how a student performed against his or her peers. But now you can objectively verify a law student’s capabilities through ratings and feedback given on actual legal projects by actual attorneys. You can see how students stack up on research ability, writing ability, and depth of analysis rather than relying on a resume.

Soft Skills

Perhaps more important than the hard skills that law school cultivates in all students, are the soft skills that may never shine through a resume and on-campus interview. Assess a student’s problem solving, communication skills, work ethic, time management, client service, productivity, and more through the LSC Marketplace.

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Personality and Communication Style

Whether you know it or not, your organization has a culture. If you run a “highly autonomous, results-based organization” you will likely feel tension with your new associate who thrives in a “clan based, team environment.” We use various personality assessments to help you find the students that will thrive in your culture, no matter what it may be.

Behavioral and Motivational Style

Have you ever felt that no matter how many bonuses and incentives you offer, you just cannot get certain associates to perform? Like knowing the personality style of your associates, discovering their underlying passions and motivators is both empowering and liberating. It is like finally learning to speak the same language. Our behavioral assessment will provide you with the insight you need from the start to help you get the most out of your new associates.

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Changing Industry Demands, Demand that Legal Employers Change

The Great Recession marked a turning point in the legal industry. In a few short years, clients took over the power once held by firms to determine the price and delivery method of legal services. They questioned how labor-intensive legal work was and whether lawyers were the only ones who could perform the work. And in this changing landscape, alternative legal service providers and on-demand legal products are stealing market share from traditional law firms.

Now more than ever, legal employers and attorneys need to focus their resources on supplying the services that require their unique skills and judgment, while finding more cost-effective means for supplying routine and basic legal services. Law Student Connect allows practitioners to delegate legal research and other basic legal services to current law students who have access to vast libraries, the most current tools, and are, arguably, at the top of their research game. Practitioners can avoid writing-off hours of dead-end research time by contracting with talented students for a fixed fee.

Legal Employers Must Recruit Better

Law Student Connect exposes legal employers to law students without limitations on where they live or where they go to school. Performance matters more than pedigree. We care less about where students come from, and more about where they are going. And we think you should too. The traditional model of only evaluating the “top students” might be preventing you from finding the “right students.” Moreover, that model does not always have a positive ROI when young associates leave within a few short years. Instead, “trial run” hundreds of law students with diverse experiences to find the right fit for your organization.

Would having a more thorough understanding of a candidate’s work ethic, personality, and passions help you find the student that will fit best with your organization? Is a thoroughly edited resume or writing sample really the best way to evaluate a student’s skills under pressure? Probably not. Instead, why not test a student’s responsiveness, communication, analysis, research ability, and writing ability through short, project-based internships to gain real insight into their abilities. We can help.

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