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Our unique online platform connects you with legal employers throughout the country through short-term, project-based internships to provide more opportunities for you to find the right legal job for you.
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Expand your network through the LSC Community

Broaden your network of peers, professors, and practicing attorneys; swap textbooks and outlines; publish your own significant papers and writing samples to showcase your value to potential legal employers.

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Show your value in the LSC Marketplace

Demonstrate your skill, earn money, and receive feedback for completing actual legal research and projects posted by practicing attorneys, professors, judges, and other legal employers.

Improve your skills in the LSC University

Assess and refine your own practical legal skills through our unique partnership with Write.Law. And supplement your legal education with our practical skills and practice readiness course curriculum.

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Find more jobs opportunities in the LSC Career Portal

We combine data points from your participation in the LSC Community, Marketplace, and University to match you with legal employers and companies looking for your unique combination of skills and traits.


You invested time and money. You put life, relationships, and opportunities on hold. All for the chance of becoming more: More educated, more skilled, and more valuable.

But you did not know your value as a law student—as a future lawyer—would be determined by only a few final exams during your first year of law school. All the preparation, the late-night studying, the thousands of pages read, the scores of outlines written, the sacrifice, the work, and the added two years; it is all meaningless if you falter on your first-year finals. You would miss the opportunity for on-campus interviews, and the dream job you were chasing.

Or perhaps that BigLaw job was never for you to begin with. You know what you want, and you understand that it is completely up to you to chase it. You are on your own. And the current law student placement model cannot help you. But even if it could, you are not interested in fighting the distribution curve of your classmates because your peers are not competitors, they are distractions. All you need is a way to showcase the underestimated value that you know you can provide.


The flawed assumptions of the current class rank and on-campus interview model misplaces the value of a law student.

Exams = Real Life

A first-year law student final exam—with its extraordinary fact patterns and acute focus on nuanced areas of law—accurately simulates real life practice;

Exams Accurately Measure Quality

A law student’s performance on these extraordinary and nuanced exams accurately predicts how successful they will be in actual practice;

Exams Sufficiently Measure Candidate Fit

A law student’s first-year exam scores, taken in isolation, provide enough data to connect the most qualified students with the most sought-after legal jobs.

Those who have survived the law school experience can attest that the first two assumptions are almost laughable. Yet, when taken in context with the third assumption, these must indeed be the assumptions that—whether intentional or not—supply the basis for the current law school placement model. And it is not laughable; because limiting your future opportunities is not a joke. But on-campus interviews or flooding firms with resumes and cover letters are no longer the only options. Law Student Connect offers a better way to find your dream job.

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Join our beta test group of law students to help us redefine the way legal employers measure your value. Show them what you really have to offer.

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