Connect More Students to More Valuable Opportunities

With Law Student Connect, your law school can connect its law students with placement opportunities across the country, regardless of your school's rank or location.

Law students rely on their law school to connect them with job opportunities. But, too often, law schools have only law school prestige and class rank to distinguish their students from other applicants. Law Student Connect helps refocus the conversation on  metrics that really matter: a student’s skill, performance, and personality.

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Demonstrate your students’ proficiency in the LSC Marketplace

Law Student Connect helps law schools better represent the capability of their students through short-term, project-based internships. Students can build a portfolio that shows their skills, work-ethic, and value beyond their class rank or law school’s prestige.

Your law school can help students network with the LSC Community

Law Students, law school faculty, and practitioners alike can come together in a unique community to network, share outlines and resources, and discuss practice tips and current events. Help your students find their voice and become part of the legal community while they are still in law school.

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Expand your law school’s practical legal education program with the LSC University

Students can supplement their practical legal education through the LSC University and our unique partnership with Write.Law, an online legal writing workshop helping law students and legal practitioners master the art of legal writing.

Connect your Law Students with Legal Employers through the LSC Placement Portal

The Law Student Connect Placement Portal provides legal employers direct access to law students across the country without regard to their geographic location or law school. We remove the barriers that prevent great performing law students with great, and valuable, opportunities.

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Benefits for Law Schools

Help your students hit the ground running

By regularly participating in the Marketplace, your students will enter practice having already completed many real legal projects expected of young associates.

Showcase the total value of your students

A law student's qualifications do not stop at their class rank and law school alma mater. Refocus the recruiting conversation on their skills and performance.

Reveal good students that are hidden by curved grades

Participation in the LSC Marketplace reveals those students who posses the skills, but maybe not the scores, to be successful in legal practice.

Expand your placement network, and increase the value of your alumni

Remove the geographic and prestige barriers from successful placements for your students and connect your students with more valuable opportunities.

Increasing placements, increases rankings

A significant portion of a law school’s ranking relies on student placement statistics; when placements increase, rankings follow.

Visibility among peers, judges, and attorneys influences rankings

Let the quality of your students' performance in the LSC Marketplace improve the industry's perception of your law school.

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