Connecting Law Students and Attorneys to Improve the Legal Industry

Law Student Connect is an online platform that brings law students and legal practitioners together to supplement practical legal education, reduce the cost of routine legal services, and expand law student placement opportunities.
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Law students are a highly capable and underutilized subsection of the legal industry. Law students can complete legal research for a fraction of the cost while gaining invaluable practical experience and providing a better way to predict their future practice success.

A Better Measurement of a Law Student's Value

Law Student Connect supplies answers to the questions that matter most to legal employers. Through our Marketplace, law students prove their skills and value through short-term, project-based internships and performance reviews from practicing attorneys. And Law Student Connect is the only online community that connects law students across the nation with their peers, professors, lawyers, and judges to support legal education and expand law student placement opportunities.

More than a legal job board.

Law students and legal employers both benefit from using law students to complete basic legal services.

Grow Your Network

In the LSC Marketplace, law students and legal employers can "trial run" more opportunities for employment without a long-term commitment.

Beyond the Top Third

Legal employers can evaluate the entire law student body, not just the few law students selected to take part in the on-campus interview process.

Practical Legal Experience as a Student

Law students receive valuable insight, feedback, and experience through completing actual legal projects for active attorneys, professors, and judges.

Do Good: Get Paid

Law students can do good by assisting attorneys with pro bono cases and possibly earn income for completing paid projects.

Reduce Costs

Firms and practitioners can reduce their overhead costs by outsourcing basic legal services to law students on a per project basis.

More Than Just a Resume

Law Student Connect helps students showcase their knowledge, skills, passions, and personalities far beyond the ability of a resume.

A New Way to Measure What Matters

Law Student Connect supplies a new way to measure what truly matters to the legal industry: a law student’s skill and education applied to actual legal problems.

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